Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10

30 capsules
Price: $135.00
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Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10

Dr. Miller's Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10

Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10 is the 100% natural way to regain your sex life. Luxoria Love Potion #9 and #10 is a Sexual Enhancer/Vitality for both men and women from ages 20 to 80. Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10 contains herbs that have been proven to enhance performance and virility since ancient times. Luxoria is a dietary supplement which contains herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been recognized for their ability to enhance performance, strengthen endurance, and increase virility. Quantity 30 capsules of Luxoria/Love Potion #9 and #10

Ingredients of Luxoria Love Potion #9 and #10:
Muria Puma Powder, L-Arginine, Saw Palmetto Berries, Sarsaparilla Root, Yohimbe, Korean Ginseng, White Willow Bark

Suggested Use for Luxoria Love Potion #9 and #10:
Take (1) to (3) capsules daily.

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