PEAK Enzymes "With"

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PEAK Enzymes "With"

"With" -- because you take digestive enzymes with food.

Did you know that it is very likely...

... that your body was robbed today?
... that your pancreas is enlarged
... that your immune system might be needlessly ... expending some of its resources

Do you want to prevent all of the above?
Do you want more energy?
Do you want to relieve inflammation?
Do you want to feel younger?
Peak Enzymes could be your answer

There are three types of enzymes that function in our bodies.

Digestive enzymes – digest our food

Food enzymes – raw food has live enzymes that help the digestive process

Metabolic enzymes – these enzymes keep our tissues and organs in working order; and every organ and tissue has its own particular metabolic enzymes to do specialized work
Three other important things to know:

Enzymes are destroyed through heat, so whenever you cook your food, you kill the enzymes. You only get enzymes from your food if you eat raw food.

Raw grains, nuts, seeds, and beans contain enzyme-inhibitors. If they are germinated or properly soaked, the enzyme-inhibitors are neutralized.

We have a limited enzyme production potential. In other words, we can not manufacture an unlimited supply of enzymes. The more our body is forced to make food enzymes (by eating cooked food), the less it makes metabolic enzymes.
To understand why we need to supplement with digestive enzymes, think of it this way: You have a bank account filled with enzymes and, much like a bank account filled with money, if you have no source of income coming in, the bank account balance will start to go down.  If you supplement with capsules of concentrated, active enzymes, the capacity of your pancreas to produce enzymes will last much longer.  You will extend the quantity and quality of your life.

If you are eating cooked, processed, commercial foods today, you can be assured that your bank account of enzymes was robbed today.  To prevent this, it is necessary that you supplement with PEAK Enzymes "With" (taken "with" food). This is our digestive enzyme.

When you eat, the food resides in the upper part of your stomach for about 30 minutes.  If you eat raw fruits and vegetables that contain digestive enzymes, by the time this food reaches the acids in the lower part of your stomach, it is substantially digested.  When we eat cooked foods, it begins to putrify in the upper part of your stomach and it calls upon the pancreas to supply all the enzymes necessary to digest it in the lower part of your stomach.

Then, when this food reaches your small intestines and begins to make its way into your blood stream, it is not digested as well as it ought to be.   It has a particulate size that is too large.  Your immune system does not recognize it as food and begins to respond to it as a foreign invader ... a pathogen.

The immune system begins to produce antigens to combat it.   These are white blood cells, sometimes called leukocytes.  To some extent, all of us who eat cooked foods have some measure of leukocytosis, an over abundance of white blood cells.  You can avoid this by suppementing with PEAK Enzymes "With".

For the average person, the body expends 70% of its energy digesting food.  By supplementing with digestive enzymes, you will lower this percentage and provide your body with a lot more energy to do other things.

In addition, due to our cooked food diet, our pancreas has to produce too many digestive enzymes and does not have the resources to produce adequate systemic enzymes.

Systemic enzymes, sometimes called metabolic or proteolytic enzymes, are produced by the pancreas to repair the body ... to build and restore tissues.   In fact, they are a necessary component of all other functions in the body besides digestion, and when you eat cooked foot, your body is unable to produce enough systemic enzymes.

If you supplement with PEAK Enzymes "With", 80% of the enzymes your body produces will be systemic enzymes instead of digestive.  In addition, the considerable resources of your immune system will be freed up to keep you safe from real threats.

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